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Evaluation of a MVR versus TVR heated falling film finisher

GLM Hydro MVR vs. TVR Problem Solving: – Finishers are increasingly being considered as options to increase total solids in membrane filtration […]

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Condenser Vacuum Control in Steam Infusion Heater for Extend Shelf Life Milk Products

GLM Hydro Evaporator Problem Solving: – A small dairy company is operating a steam infusion heater to produce extended shelf […]

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Air Leaks in Falling Film and Forced Circulation Evaporators running under Vacuum Conditions

GLM Hydro Evaporator Problem Solving: – In over 25 years of troubleshooting and consulting evaporator systems, I cannot even begin […]

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Distribution Pan Fouling in a Falling Film Evaporator

GLM Hydro Evaporator Problem Solving: – One of our dairy customers wanted to produce a new product on their existing […]

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Importance of steady condensate flow in an evaporation system

GLM Hydro Evaporator Problem Solving: – During the course of many falling film and forced circulation evaporator optimization jobs I […]

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Air in the falling film evaporator product feed

GLM Hydro Evaporator Problem Solving: – Throughout the execution of many falling film evaporation projects I often run into issues […]

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