GLM Hydro has provided exceptional engineering to the Kerry sites in North America over the past five years.  They started with a major renovation project to the falling film evaporator at our Norwich, New York site.  They provided an innovative design that improved throughput, reduced foaming issues, increased yield, and improved evaporator cleanability.  The project payback was less than 2-years.  The success of that project led to a second renovation project of a much larger falling film evaporator at our Rochester, Minnesota site.  The project provided outstanding results with a payback of less than 1 year.

GLM Hydro also assisted our Norwich site with the optimization of a force circulation evaporator used on an extremely foamy product.  Again, they provided a unique solution to an extremely difficult problem.  The success of the evaporator projects led to GLM Hydro’s selection of the design, construction assistance, and commissioning of a new ultra-high temperature (UHT) sterilizer and a new spray dryer with indirect air heating at our Rochester site.  The UHT was successfully commissioned in the summer of 2017 and has met all expectations with a payback of less than 1-year.  The spray dryer was successfully commissioned in the summer of 2018 and has already exceeded our expectations for throughput increases and yield improvement.  Currently, GLM Hydro is providing a new evaporator for our Rochester site, which is scheduled for commissioning in the spring of 2019.

I would strongly recommend GLM Hydro for any project that includes the design, construction management, and/or commissioning of process equipment.


Phil Ham, P.E.
Global Engineering Director
Kerry Functional Ingredients & Actives
Norwich, NY

CSM Group has had the pleasure of working with GLM Hydro for the past four years on three multi-million-dollar projects for two Fortune 500 clients. We have successfully teamed to deliver a spray dryer and evaporator project under Design-Build/At-Risk projects, as well as with separate owner contracts.

The key to our successful working relationship has been mutual values of open communication, trust, driving value for our clients, and having fun. Particularly, we have been able to add value by relying on GLM Hydro’s extensive technical expertise in the areas of process design and controls, and they have been very receptive of our input on constructability issues.

We have also developed a very synergistic approach to client interactions and equipment installations that have allowed us both to focus on what we do best. This, in turn, has made for safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Through our history of projects, I have been delighted to see continued learning and value creation.

We highly value our relationship and would be happy to recommend GLM Hydro’s services or provide detailed information to prospective clients. We look forward to working with GLM Hydro in the future.

Warmest regards,

Jim Feltch, CHC
President/Chief Executive Officer
CSM Group

GLM Hydro was an absolute pleasure to work with, their knowledge and overall wiliness to help was very much appreciated in our aid to complete the project at hand. They explained things very well and aided us in any assistance we requested to help with equipment. They were never afraid to jump right in with us when testing, calibrating, or troubleshooting equipment. Their team was communicative, professional, and overall very easy to get along with. They are a true team player company and I hope to work with them again in the near future.

Thank you,

Derek Klein
Project Manager
Knobelsdorff Enterprises

Working with the guys from GLM HYDRO was not only a pleasure but was also an opportunity to learn from some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry. They were very professional when it came to changes in the scope of work. Any issues that arose, although there weren’t many on the last project, we worked on with them for they were undeniably proactive in there designing and coordinating prior to the beginning of the project. The attention to detail was easily recognizable and made the project seem effortless when it came time to commission the instrumentation. Given the opportunity to work side by side with GLM HYDRO on another project would be something we’d most definitely look forward to in the future!

Thank you,

Brian Gray
Project Manager
Knobelsdorff Enterprises