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About John Real

John is a Senior Project Engineer at GLM Hydro and is responsible for a wide variety of project management related tasks, like process engineering, system installation and commissioning support, documentation control, purchasing, and equipment quality control. In addition, he leads a team of engineers and designers to assure efficient and timely delivery of process engineering, equipment, system changes, and optimization efforts to help our customers get the most out of their capital investments.

Evaporator Woes – Vacuum Control, Velocity, and Carryover

Recently, we have been working with a client to reduce carryover in their legacy rising film evaporator for dairy products. […]

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Dryer Safety – Explosion Protection

More and more, the safety around spray drying systems is becoming a paramount concern to producers of all kinds. With […]

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Direct vs Indirect Fired Heaters for Spray Dryers

The question of direct or indirect fired spray dryers is one that is starting to be asked in the United […]

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Evaluation of a MVR versus TVR heated falling film finisher

GLM Hydro MVR vs. TVR Problem Solving: – Finishers are increasingly being considered as options to increase total solids in membrane filtration […]

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Benefits of Dehumidification of Drying Process Air

GLM Hydro Dryer Problem Solving: –One of the easiest ways to improve stability and increase capacity of a drying system is […]

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