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Capacity Improvement of your Existing Falling Film Evaporator with a Potential Increase on the Dryer Output

GLM Hydro Evaporator Problem Solving: –There are several ways you can improve the overall evaporation capacity of your evaporator and […]

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The Impact of a Membrane Filtration Pre-Concentration or Whey Fractionation on a Falling Film Evaporator

GLM Hydro Evaporator Problem Solving: – In the dairy industry we typically find in most milk and whey processing facilities, that […]

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Removal and Inactivation of Spores and Reducing of Bacterial Growth in Falling Film Dairy Evaporators

GLM Hydro Evaporator Problem Solving: – I would like to share some of my experience gained over the past 2 decades […]

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Fouling of Cooling Water Tubes in a Condenser

GLM Hydro Condensor Problem Solving: – There is one thing that many falling film- and forced circulation evaporators running under vacuum […]

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7 Tips to Improve the Cleaning In Place (CIP) of your Falling Film Evaporator

GLM Hydro Falling Film Evaporator Tips: –The majority of Falling Film Evaporators have a Cleaning In Place (CIP) system. Most […]

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