GLM Hydro Evaporation TechnologyAs a company specialized in the field of evaporation, crystallization and drying we can provide you with tailored solutions for your existing or new system, changes or improvements in capacity, increase energy efficiency, improve reliability, retrofit for new products, and optimize runtimes and cleaning cycles.

We offer pre-studies of your process and complete evaluation of your existing evaporator, crystallizer and dryer system, and generate a customized optimization plan. We can help you with design and supply of your new evaporator and/or dryer, assist in your search for an existing evaporator, modify existing evaporators, or a combination to make the equipment fit your needs while maintaining your budget.

Typical Evaporator and Crystallizer service and optimizations for existing systems are:

  • Heat and Mass Balances based on existing equipment
  • System design check and optimization
  • Reduce fouling by equipment modifications and/or changing processing conditions
  • Optimization of the product pre-heating systems
  • Optimization of product distribution systems
  • Redesign evaporator split configurations
  • Improve CIP for increased production availability

Typical Dryer service and optimization for existing systems are:

  • Heat and Mass Balances based on your existing equipment
  • System design check and optimization
  • Conversions from direct to indirect burners
  • Inlet air dehumidification by water coolers and rotary dehumidification wheels
  • Energy recovery from burner exhaust gases
  • Design and installation of CIP-able bag-houses and filters
  • Modifications of the Air Distribution Systems

We also offer operator and maintenance training sessions either in general or specific tailored to your needs and your existing process line.

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